10 Amazing McDonald’s in the World

1 Savannah, US

The McDonald’s restaurant in Savannah, US is built in a very different way. The restaurant uses sunlight ignoring the use of heating and electricity. It also has a preferred parking lot for hybrid cars.

2 Paris, France

Paris is mainly known for fashion products and trends around the world. So, how is it possible that McDonald’s restaurant would be simple and unfashionable?

3 Edinburgh, Scotland

McDonald’s there is really stylish and fashionable. The location of this McDonald’s is perfect and the leather chair and wooden chairs make it pretty amazing.

4 Los Angeles, USA

You will find lots of metal and glass in this McDonald’s. There are epic floor-to-ceiling windows. The best thing is that it also has 14 really big video screens and best sound system. The interior is contemporary and pretty-looking.

5 New York, US

This McDonald’s restaurant has been fully designed by Gaia which is a New York-based studio. The restaurant is completely different from typical McDonald’s restaurants. The flooring and wooden furniture give it a fashionable look.

6 Oxford Street, UK

You will find soothing colors in its interiors that create a Zen spirit. The furniture is all made from leather and there is a lot of modern art there.

7 Hacienda Heights, L.A, US

The best thing about this McDonald’s is that it is really spacious. The interior is inspired by conventional style. You will find bamboo trees, leather chairs and glass panels which give it a pretty cool look.

8 Porto, Portugal

Previously, there used to be a coffee house where this McDonald’s is located and the building is a national monument. However, turning it into McDonald’s turned out to be a great and different idea.

9 Budapest, Hungary

You can see how this McDonald’s in Budapest actually looks like. It resembles trains station.

#10 Holborn, UK

A French designer renovated this McDonald’s restaurant and considered the design policies of McDonald’s again.

10 Ugliest Shoes Ever Made

1 Crocs

Everybody knows that crocs are waterproof, comfortable, lightweight and bacteria resistant but the design is not acceptable when it comes to fashion. They are pretty ugly style-wise so only wear them while going to the bathroom.

2 Jean Paul Gaultier 1977 Les Plongeuses Fin-Heels

Well! These ugly shoes do look like they can be used underwater for swimming but wearing them to some party or gathering is probably not a good idea.

3 Mihai Albu Structures And Megastructures Shoes

If you want to look one foot taller, then these shoes are made for you. You will probably face some trouble in walking while wearing these shoes as they have 3 decks.

4 Kobi Levi Double Boots

It looks like the boots were either designed for aliens or for Lady Gaga. No ordinary girl could even dare to wear them. The double side is really awkward.

5 Iris Schieferstein Vegas Girl Heels

You won’t believe that these shoes had been made with real horse hooves. This gave rise to indignations of several animal rights organizations. The design of these heels is really unexpected and awkward.

6 Covered Wedge Boots by Rick Owens

I don’t think that anyone will even dare to wear them. Either leave them in the trash can or make a skirt out of them. That’s the only way.

7 Anna Korshun Gray Ankle boots

This is one of the most pathetic ideas of shoe design ever. Shoes within a shoe box are something that nobody would want to wear or even buy. It is a pretty unusual design and idea but is useless at the same time.

8 Marc Jacobs Pumps

If you want to become a center of attraction in a particular place, then wear these pumps because not noticing them is pretty impossible. It’s best for women who want to prominent and want to stay in limelight.

9 Brian Atwood Charleston Peep Toe Platform Ankle Boots

You can comb these shoes before wearing. These are one of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. There’s no logic behind their existence.

10 MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Stretch ‘Zori’ Boots

These socks sandals look very comfortable and are best for people who can’t live without this socks and sandal combination. But you need to keep your nails clean and beautiful before wearing them.

10 Loudest Party Islands in the World

1 Aruba

If you think that Aruba is just sea and sand, then you are wrong. The island is home to many party freaks and hosts the craziest and loudest parties. One more amazing thing about this island is that it has 12 casinos too.

2 Barbados

The majority of the people already know about this place. So, no advertising is needed for Barbados. It is a must-visit place and you should definitely visit it once in your lifetime. The place has best climate and exotic beaches. You get to attend the best parties here.

3 Saint Lucia

There are dozens of nightclubs present in Saint Lucia. Well! Do not get misunderstood by the island’s name as it has nothing saint about it. It is a loud party island and is a must-visit place to party all night long.

4 Beachcomber Island

Beachcomber Island is one of the loveliest disco places ever. Apart from partying, there is live music, sports and scuba diving. This tiny island offers so much for party people.

5 Ios Island

Ios Island is where Chora village is located. The whole village is quite during daytime but as the night strikes, it becomes the wildest party island ever. This Greek island is one of the most favorite places of party people.

6 Florianopolis

Florianopolis is an official party destination and is home to many discos. The nightlife here is really interesting and the beaches are truly exotic.

7 Hvar

The party paradise is located in the Adriatic region. It is a destination to visit after sunset when you get to see the wildest and loudest parties in the world.

8 Mykonos

For those people who don’t want to hit the sack in the hotel, Mykonos is the perfect island. The nightlife here is really impressive and intense.

9 Ibiza

One amazing thing about Ibiza is that it is known as the party capital of the world when we talk about islands. You must visit this place once in your lifetime.

10 Ko Phangan

Have you ever attended a Full Moon Party? No? Then you must go to Thailand this year. It is home to Ko Phangan island which is truly a great place for party lovers.

10 must see places in Athens

#10 Syntagma Square

The Syntagma Square holds a significant importance in Europe. It is a very important point for protests for many decades. The place is actually a transportation hub and gives access to the city’s best districts. The most amazing this about the place is that it offers free WiFi.

#9 The Ancient Agora

In the classical period, the Ancient Agora was a public place used for assemblies mostly. The Ancient Agora is one of the best historical examples of the world. It has 20 inherent monuments that date back to 6th century. After 800 years, landmarks like Altar of Zeus Agoraios, Odeon of Agrippa and Temple of Ares were constructed with the Ancient Agora.

#8 The Plaka

The Plaka is located at the base of Acropolis. Labyrinthine streets, Cycladic architecture, and stone are the main features of this place. The place also hosts tavernas, shops, bars, and restaurants. It is one of the most vibrant areas of Athens.

#7 National Archaeological Museum

Greece and archaeology have a very unusual relation. The country is pretty rich in Indiana Jones type things. If you want to see some real monuments, documents, artifacts and ancient relics, then add National Archaeological Museum in your bucket-list.

#6 The Acropolis

The Acropolis should be in the list of your must-visit places before you die. This is a familiar place and you must have seen the Acropolis somewhere in your local restaurant or in your history textbooks may be. The hill on which Acropolis is located contains the ruins of more than 21 monuments. The place is a famous attraction on European Cultural Heritage list.

#5 The Acropolis Museum

It is a place of beautiful archaeological excavation. The museum is a goldmine of remarkable relics. It was built in the year 2008. The Acropolis Museum contains artifacts that cover history from Bronze Age to Byzantine Greece.

#4 Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is a place that you should see from bottom to top. The hill features some really amazing ruins and is a must-visit place if you are a fan of open air concerts.

#3 Cape Sounion

Though Cape Sounion is 69 kilometers from Athens, but it can be added to must-visit attractions of the city. The peninsula offers ancient temples and ruins and also offers a fantastic view of Aegean Sea.

#2 The National Garden

Those people who want something different than Athens’ urban sprawl and heat must visit the beautiful National Garden. It is located just behind Greek Parliament. There are more than 15 hectares of land to see with ancient ruins present at every turn.

#1 Academy of Athens

The academy is dedicated to Academy of Plato and honors philosophy and knowledge in the country. It was built in late 19th century and is one of the most prominent landmarks in Athens.

Ten Tallest Famous People

1 Richard Kiel
He is an American actor and is well known for his roles in The James Bond movies. He has been appearing since the 60s and tower over others with his height of 7.2

2 Peter Mayhew
He is an English actor and is well known for his roles in Star Wars. He managed the role of Chewbacca very finely with the height above 7 feet.

3 Brad Garrett
He is an American actor. His role for everybody loves Raymond was awesome although his height is above 6.8

4 Joel McHale
He is an American comedian. He is famous for his role in the hit NBC series Community as well as The Soup. He played his role splendidly although he is 6.4

5 Vince Vaughn
The comedian Vince Vaughn is extremely tall. He is has done greatly in dodgeball as well as wedding crashers beside the fact that he stands 6.5 as a tower.

6 Penn Jillette
He is an American comedian, actor as well as illusionist. He is best known for his role with his fellow worker Teller as a team Penn and Teller. His height is 6.6

7 Tyler Perry
He is an American writer as well as actor. He is a mastermind of ‘Madea’ and stands 6.5

8 Stephen Merchant
He is an English comedian and actor and also a writer. He is well known for his work with Ricky Gervais He stands an excellent height of 6.7

9 Liam Neeson
He is an Irish actor. He is well known for his role in the movie “Taken”. The movie he stars in just becomes better and better although he stands 6.4

10 Tim Robbins
He is an American writer and actor. He is well known for his roles in The Shawshank Redemption, Jacob’s Ladder, Bull Durham etc. His height is 6.5

top ten party islands

1 Beachcomber Island
It is situated in Fiji and is a party island. There is scuba diving, parties, sports and live music by different musicians. It is a pretty tiny island although has plenty parties.

2 Hvar
It is a paradise point to party. It is suggested to visit after sunset as there are just parties and wonderful things.

3 Ios
It is located on Chora Island and is its main city. It is quite peaceful during the day. But as the sun sets, its atmosphere changes to a never ending wild party. Among the young generation, this Greek island is quite popular.

4 Florianopolis
It is definitely a place to host your party. It has been stated by The New York Times as the party destination of the year 2009. It is in Brazil and provides access to many beautiful beaches and wonderful nightlife.

5 Saint Lucia
It is definitely a place for the tropical party with its numerous nightclubs and parties all the time. Obviously, there is nothing saintly about this island.

6 Aruba
The craziest type of parties is hosted on this island from sunset to sunrise. There are approximately 12 casinos currently on the island.

7 Barbados
This is a place which is best chosen if you want to enjoy wonderful parties as well as extremely good climates. It is worth a shot of visiting.

8 Ko Phangan
It is situated in Thailand and is a perfect night party place. It hosts full moon parties and they are amazing.

9 Mykonos.
The nightlife of this island is amazing. It is a Greek island is a perfect destination for tourists. It is a hell of a party island.

10 Ibiza
It is the best party island in the world. No one can ever stay quiet and calm especially on this specific island.


1 Gare du Nord
It is situated in Paris, France. It is under construction and would increase up to 77 platforms. It is currently having 44 platforms.

2 Grand Central Terminal
It is the largest train station in the world covering over forty-eight acres. It is situated in New York, United States. It even has a museum in it and is a tourist point as well as a train station.

3 Roma Termini Station
It is located in Italy and is Europe’s second biggest railway station. It provides you with trains going all over Europe and has twenty-nine platforms.

4 Berlin Hauptbahnhof
It is situated in Germany. It is the largest train station all over Europe. It can serve as many as 300K passengers on regular basis. The prominent feature is that it contains 14 platforms. Six of them are upper and eight of them are lower.

5 Leipzig Hauptbahnhof
It is one of the largest train stations in the world. It is located in Germany covering an area of 83K so. meters containing 24 platforms.

6 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
It is located in India. Later on, it was called Victoria Terminus. It has a tremendously amazing architecture and contains 18 platforms.

7 Jakarta Kota Station
It is situated in Indonesia. It is the biggest train station in Southern Asia. Its distinctive feature is that it has a mosque within itself.

8 Munich Hauptbahnhof
It is situated in Germany and has about thirty-two platforms. Since it is serving about 450K passengers daily, therefore, it is considered one of the busiest train stations in the world.

9 Zurich Hauptbahnhof
It is situated in Germany and is among the largest train stations in the world. It contains twenty-six platforms and can serve as many as 400K passengers in a day.

10 Shinjuku Railway Station
Built in the year 1885 in Japan, it is the busiest railway station in the world. It is due to the fact that it has over two hundred exists and about thirty-six platforms and serves around three and a half million people on daily basis.

10 Foods that fight depression

1 Honey
Honey is known for relieving anxiety and anger. So, if you cannot fight depression, then make it sweeter. A spoonful of honey contains quercetin and kaempferol which reduce depression.

2 Chocolate
Chocolate is one of the vest anti-depressants out there. Well! Eating too much chocolate won’t lead you to happiness instead you will become obese. So, keep this important thing in mind that too much chocolate would also lead to depression. Enjoy chocolate in normal amount especially if you do a lot of mental work.

3 Cheese
Off course everyone knows that eating too much cheese will make you fat because it is difficult to digest. However, eating it in moderate quantities will help in fighting depression. It is due to the reason that cheese contains a lot of zinc.

4 Coconut
Coconut milk helps in re-building tissues and improving body functions. It is also sweet and tasty and this is all what people suffering from depression need.

5 Turkey
The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the word turkey is ‘holidays’. This means that turkey actually make you happy even before eating it. Another thing is that turkey balances serotonin levels as it contains a lot of tryptophan.

6 Salmon
Salmon is rich in healthy fats. The Omega 3 fatty acids present in salmon clean your brain but make sure you are taking it in moderate quantity.

7 Spinach
Spinach is rich in folic acid which helps in making immune system better. Spinach is also known for improving mental health. It does not have direct relation with depression but it helps you stay healthy which directly eliminates depression.

8 Banana
When you are feeling depressed, simply eat a banana. It is sweet in taste and contains a lot of vitamin B. Shortage of vitamin B actually leads to stress.

9 Green Tea
The benefits if green tea cannot be explained in a single post. Everybody knows about them. However, pointing out depression-related benefit, green tea helps in relieving stress because of the presence of L-THEANINE.

10 Eggs
Eggs are rich in Omega 3, zinc, proteins and vitamin B. They help you fight against hunger and consequently you don’t fall prey to overeating. This means that you don’t get obese and hence you do not get depressed.


1 Soft Drinks
Drinking of soda is similar to eating candies in liquid form. Honestly, sodas are full of calories and fats. It is also an invitation to certain medical issues such as obesity, hormone disruption, and cancer. And the biggest of the problems it brings are cavities and tooth decay.

2 Bacon
Bacon lovers beware, there is no offending or any sort of grudge against you. It is one of the most unhealthy diets one can intake. A normal serving of a bacon usually including three slices of bacon consists of 435mg of sodium which is approximately no more than 1/5 of a person’s daily average intake. Plus junk food on regular basis is pretty harmful.

3 Meat
Your eating of processed meat might lead you to decline in your living days resulting from an early death. Processed meat consists of sausages, bacon, ham, hot dogs, etc. Eating habit of processed meat might also lead you towards cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

4 Fish
Fish is considered a very healthy diet considering the fact that it contains omega-3. Although there are a few fish which aren’t considered a part of a healthy diet. It is due to this fact that they contain mercury. The one of few fish containing mercury is albacore tuna, marlin, swordfish, shark, mackerel etc.

5 Synthetic Sweeteners
Nowadays synthetic sweeteners are being used on regular basis around the nation. We don’t even consider their side effects rather we concentrate on zero calories or sugar-free. These are most likely to bring upon you type 2 diabetes, increase in weight or cardiovascular diseases.

6 Margarine
Butter is safe is compared to margarine. Margarine usually contains trans fats which are harmful as they provide you with weight gained, heart diseases, high cholesterol level and sometimes even a heart stroke.

7 Doughnuts
An average doughnut consists of 350 calories even before we add any topping to it. But calories aren’t a problem right now. The fact that these are made from refined white flour is the real problem. Such kind of flour is considered to bring upon you heart diseases as well as the problem of weight gain.

8 Deep Fried Items
We all know the fact clearly that we all are addicted to fried food. Eating too much of deep fried food will lead to the expansion of your waist and cancers.

9 Popcorn
Popcorn which we buy while watching a movie aren’t harmful rather if we consider the fact that they contain oil in them. Although in comparison microwave popcorn are pretty harmful due to the fact that they don’t contain natural flavors and flavors induced in them are produced by chemicals and different form of crap and eating of these would lead you to bronchiolitis obliterans.

10 Dairy Products
Dairy products are full of saturated fats. These fats will lead to the gain of weight and high cholesterol levels. Nonfat milk and its products are more preferable for a healthy diet.

The most expensive Facebook post ever

A teenage girl, Dana Snay, recently gave the most foolish and expensive Facebook post ever. Her mouthy Facebook post cost her father an amount of $80,000. She leaked out some confidential information to 1,200 of her Facebook friends which caused trouble for her father.

Patrick Snay, the father of Dana Snay, was headmaster of a private school in Miami. He filed an age discrimination lawsuit against his Gulliver Preparatory School in 2010. The case was settled for an amount of $80,000 and back pay of $10,000 but all this was to be kept confidential.

However, Dana Snay couldn’t keep her mouth shut and posted:

“Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.”

Dana Snay was a Gulliver graduate so the status caught wind through her school chums. The school’s lawyer told Mr. Snay that the settlement is over now and said that Dana should say goodbye to her European vacation.