10 Amazing McDonald’s in the World

#10 Savannah, US The McDonald’s restaurant in Savannah, US is built in a very different way. The restaurant uses sunlight ignoring the use of heating and electricity. It also has a preferred parking lot for hybrid cars.

10 Ugliest Shoes Ever Made

10# Crocs Everybody knows that crocs are waterproof, comfortable, lightweight and bacteria resistant but the design is not acceptable when it comes to fashion. They are pretty ugly style-wise so only wear them while going to bathroom.

10 Loudest Party Islands in the World

#10 Aruba If you think that Aruba is just sea and sand, then you are wrong. The island is home to many party freaks and hosts the craziest and loudest parties. One more amazing thing about this island is that it has 12 casinos too.

10 must see places in Athens

#10 Syntagma Square The Syntagma Square holds a significant importance in Europe. It is a very important point for protests for many decades. The place is actually a transportation hub and gives access to the city’s best districts. The most amazing this about the place is that

Ten Tallest Famous People

#10 Richard Kiel He is an American actor and is well known for his roles in The James Bond movies. He has been appearing since the 60s and tower over others with his height of 7.2

top ten party islands

#10 Beachcomber Island It is situated in Fiji and is a party island. There is scuba diving, parties, sports and live music by different musicians. It is a pretty tiny island although has plenty parties.


#10 Gare du Nord It is situated in Paris, France. It is under construction and would increase upto 77 platforms. It is currently having 44 platforms.

10 Foods that fight depression

#10 Honey Honey is known for relieving anxiety and anger. So, if you cannot fight depression, then make it sweeter. A spoonful of honey contains quercetin and kaempferol which reduce depression.

Are you a fast food lovers? check this out and u will never eat it again

#1  Foods like chili and Buffalo wings use Silicon dioxide (Sand ) anti caking.

You will feel sorry for them after watching these pictures